inContact agent

From this page you can download the latest version of the inContact agent, installation and configuration instructions are also available.


inContact agent may easily be installed at the local machine with our setup wizard.

From the table we recommend to choose the 'inContact agent installation wizard'.
This installation package includes inContact agent with private Java, i.e. the SUN JRE
version 1.4.2_03. There is therefore no need to install Java in addition to this installation

inContact agent may also be downloaded in the .zip format and installed manually. This
zip file does not contain private Java. It is therefore necessary to install the
recommended version of Java in addition to the manual installation of inContact agent.

For further installation instructions, see the following Downloads.

Firewall configuration

The following steps has to be performed:
  1. Open for the following IP-address and portnumber in the firewall:
    IP address, port 15000 (outgoing traffic).
  2. With use of proxyserver, please contact customer service for more information.
  3. If you are running Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix Metaframe, please contact customer service for more information.



To upgrade inContact agent, please download and install the files from the table below.
In order to do an upgrade of inContact agent, the machine must have an older version of inContact installed.

Software Version Type Size [MByte] Instructions
inContact agent upgrade wizard (recommended) exe 1.42 Instructions
inContact agent manual upgrade zip 1.35 Instructions
New installation

Software Version Type Size [MBytes] Instructions
inContact agent installation wizard (recommended) exe 18.1 Instructions
inContact agent manual installation zip 6.57 Instructions

System reuirements

Type Requirement
Processor Pentium II 400 MHz or better
RAM Recommended 128 MBytes
Operatingsystem Windows 98, Windows 2000 og Windows XP
Java engine Recommended Sun Java 1.4
Internet bandwidth Approx. 1 Kbit/s pr. agent